Company Profile

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Company Profile

Came into operation in 2001, with trained crafts, new features contributed to building inspection, leading expert and dynamic staff and with a sense of quality in performances, METROPOL has became well-known in the industry in a short time. While business models in company have continued to developed, range of services have widened with including of new environmental service areas.

METROPOL always adapts itself to new aspects in order to show the best performances in enviromental projects of the companies which requires more far-reaching and higher efficiency criterias. Aiming to inform owners and constructors about usage of materials suitable to TSE standarts in every stage of construction, the company conducts the inspections based on principle of honesty and fairness with incorporating the staff who has team spirit.

 Comprising from expert staff, METROPOL with using expertness in public and private sectors, highlights that they will continue to contribute into the forming of inhabitable environment in Turkey and in the World.